Aluminium Truss Systems

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ALUTEK is a leading manufacturer in Standard, Heavy Duty and High Load Aluminium Truss design and production.

ALUTEK is a constantly growing reality with a deep knowledge gathered  over many years of experience in aluminium trussing systems. What we
produce is not just a product, but a true innovation, studied to properly answer all our customer needs.
Our wide variety of products is not only aluminium truss, truss towers, roofing structures and crowd barriers but also tangible solutions for your working environment, which range from theatres to concerts, from exhibitions to architectural application and from media studios to Convention hall.
Customized solutions combined with the implementation of our variety of standard aluminium products is a winning combination that allows us and our clients to economize and easily realize modular structures of complex construction. This is done supported by the engineering team that is always able to fully understand customer needs, providing not only the usual adjustments for modules, but also concrete and outstanding solutions and custom-made products on demand. We always aim to achieve the best result, creating with our customers a working experience of extreme high level.
Our innovative work is characterized by the specific study of your needs, the attention for details, the introduction of new technologies and the application of safe design materials for the maximum result for the ending user.

3 New TV Studios in Fiumicino
Alutek realized 3 brand new TV Studios in Fiumicino
A new TV studio project
TV Studio - IPNA Teleradio Moldova - Chisinau
Anyway, you can still see
Alutek has developed a new transparent cover...